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ECF fabricate Titanium Impellor for Cristal Global

ECF fabricate Titanium Impellor for Cristal Global

ECF Special Alloys have completed a bespoke titanium impellor for chemical company Cristal Global.

The impellor was fabricated by ECF to replace the existing stainless steel device, which had succumbed to high RPM levels, creating corrosive cracking and loss of balance.

ECF chose to fabricate the new impellor form grade two titanium, as the materials superior anti-corrosion and lightweight properties would increase the RPM speed at which the impellor could operate.

ECF’s Production Manager Peter Cooper said: “ECF technologically advanced the design of the impellor with a unique combination of polishing and balancing".

“This combination has achieved a solution to the problems which the initial impellor suffered, a solution which we are very proud to have achieved.”